Interview with Ayabie in France

interview - 04.11.2007 08:00

Interview with Ayabie during their first European tour in France.

It was great news for European fans that Ayabie were to come to France. The concert, despite a delay and some sound difficulties to begin with was a nice surprise with the musicians giving a sensational performance.

Even if occasionally the quality of the technology was not perfect, the young band gave their all; they jumped, moved and approached the fans at such close quarters that they lost their parts in the music. Aoi even gave us a small speech in French (although his note was so difficult to read so Ryohei typed it up for him).

14 songs was a little short but we really hope that we can see them in France again!

Set list:
1 - Japanese Lo-rez carameltown
2 - MAZOCHI - Sangatsu ni mita yume no saikousei -
4 - Tseppeshi, taberu
5 - Kiss me snow
6 - Aikagi
7 - Atama ga okashii
8 - Gothic party speed session
9 - da-gi-e
10 - Mimizuku
11 - Glitter Torou Pen

1 - Chaos cream festival
2 - Bittsu - asshuku - roll
3 - Shikosahoko


First of all how do you feel your concert in France went, now that you have had some time to think about it?
Aoi: It was so much fun, I loved it! I did not know how the French public were going to react at all. They did not know dances by heart but the atmosphere was so good, and the fact that we all moved together was such a great feeling.
Ryohei: In Japan we won't often hold up our fists to show our support, (Holds up his fist as demonstration) and so we were surprised and amused by the difference to reactions in Japan. (NB: In Japan the audience makes pretty dance moves to co-ordinate with the music.)

We were really surprised too that the audience was following it so much.
Ryohei: Inevitably the public did not know the dance moves by heart, but their attempts at moving with us amused us. It was not as co-ordinated as in Japan.

And in Finland?
Aoi: There was a definite difference between Finland and France, but the atmosphere was really good in both cases. I was really happy but I had a rather different image of the French. I thought that they were very wise and the way in the public moved really surprised us. It was very pleasant.
Intetsu: Comparing to the image that I had, I was nicely surprised. I found it so funny that people started to take off their clothes!
Ryohei: Me too, I even saw a guy removing his belt, and I wondered how he was going to keep his trousers on throughout the concert.

Are you ready to return then?
All together : Ah yes!
Ryohei: Yes and as quickly as possible! Even today if you want!!
No problem!
All: Thank you!!

Let us ask some more general questions. How did you all meet?
Ryohei: Apart from the Kenzo, the four of us were friends before the band began. We met Kenzo through a mutual friend who introduced him to us and the chemistry just sparked.

So Kenzo arrived later, did he fit in with the group well?
Ryohei: Yes, the group dynamic was really good straight away. It was great pleasure to find someone with the same concept of music and so we were able to agree on our musical direction and performance very quickly. There were no big problems from the beginning.

Which bands (American or Japanese) influenced you?
Ryohei: We listen to various kind of rock. If each one of us were to give some Japanese and English influences, then it would take about an hour! It is impossible to give any names but despite that we have a lot of respect for many groups. We make music compared to our own concept, and it is because of this that we can say that we are not influenced by anyone.

Ryouhei you have a very 'cute' image, did you decide to be like this or did you draw a short straw and lost?
(They laugh)
Ryohei: Ah, no. It is something which I always wanted to do. It is like in an animation, there is always a hero who tranform himself. As for me, I am the hero who transforms himself into a girl.
You could have been Ultraman!
Ryohei: Ah yes why not! (laughs)

Why are there two ways of writing Ayabie?
Ryohei: We use two written forms simply because no other band does it and we thought we can stand out by doing this. People will notice and right now, for you to ask us that question proves it does stand out.

Who does the composition in the group?
Ryohei: I compose the majority of it but Aoi also composes some of our music. From this summer onwards we will all contribute to the compositional side.

Are you preparing to make an album?
Ryohei: To make an album it is necessary to be inspired and to create something big. Of course we want to do one, but for now we will continue with mini-albums and singles until we find “the concept” that will allow us to release a whole album.

The designs for the CD are very beautiful, who does them?
Aoi: Each song carries an image in our minds and we develop an idea of the design. Then, we call a designer to gather our idea and create it.

And for your costumes?
Ryohei: ID Japan who have also been the designers for Dir in grey, LUNA SEA and X Japan’s costumes.

Aoi, do you like the dance moves during concerts and did you create them?
Aoi: Yes, I did create them, and with the public following them, I am very happy.

The band has started to become more popular in Japan (They played Nakano Sun Plaza, a room “all seating” of approximately 2000 places in Spring 2006) but you are still indies. Is this something you want to remain as or do you ever think of becoming major?
Ryohei: It is complicated. On the one hand it is our will to be the best indies group, therefore we want to remain independent. However, with growing successes and the new projects we might in the long term become major. But, for now we are happy with what we do and we would like to become the “Princes” of the Indies.

Are you glad to be in Germany during the World Cup? Do you support the Blue Samurais (the nickname of the Japanese team)?
They all agree together, Ryohei pointed at Takehito (who seems to be the football fan of the group)…
Takehito: Yes, I am very happy. I have always supported the team!
Japan had some bad luck the other day…
All: Ah yes, we weren't too happy…

Which is your favourite song (of Ayabie) that you like to play in concert?
Ryohei: The song which is on our first CD: Romancer. It is symbolic, it pointed to our beginning. Perhaps though individually we all like different songs, but overall that would be our favourite song.

The killer question: tell us what you think of the person on your left.
Takehito about Kenzo: He can communicate very well with his “vibe”, to both the group and to the public. He is someone who is very talented, he can do well in any situations and he is just a really great guy!
Kenzo about Aoi: Aoi-kun is like my big brother. He is someone you can count on. However, sometimes he does not listen to what I say to him...
Aoi about Intetsu: Hm, he has blue hair... He has a very mysterious side, that is good and bad in a way. For example, it is good that even thought this is his first time abroad he is similar to how he is in Japan. However, when we are on tour, you can’t find him in the morning. He goes jogging alone, but we do not know where he is. He does come back in the end though
Intetsu about Ryohei: He is the strangest among us. He is really special. For example after concerts, he will be running naked backstage.
Intetsu: No, only his chest is naked (laughs). But even if he is a little weird, he has true talent of a composor!
Ryohei about Takehito: He is a guitarist who has talent to pick things up quickly. During practice he does not need to repeat new things thirty-six times. He immediately knows what is necessary, and for that I am really very happy. It's like that now and I think it will be the same in the future. He understands immediately what I ask from him. On the other hand he does have some bad attributes. He drinks alcohol when it is not necessary! When we meet in the evening he went and drank so much that he was completely drunk. He said to me: “Ah shit! My eyes are red!”. (laughs)

Thank you for this great concert. We wish you a great show in Germany and hope you can return soon!

Thank you to the staff of No Sphere, John, and of course Ayabie whose good mood and smile have truly touched us!
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