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Live report of An Cafe's 'LIVE CAFÉ TOUR '07 NYAPPY GO AROUND 2' at Kanazawa AZ on March 21st.

An Cafe's national tour, LIVE CAFÉ TOUR ’07 NYAPPY GO AROUND 2, has almost completely sold out, their fans (known as 'Cafekko') gathering in live houses under the catch phrase "NYAPPY!" Having started in January and with only three shows remaining for their tour, An Cafe's influence is ever increasing.

In the live house, girls wearing pleated skirts, jackets, ties, and scarves, gathered and talked as they waited for the performance to begin. The number of fans filling the venue made it difficult to find space on the floor, as a bell rang and staff members performed the sound check.

The live started with flashy fanfare as the venue became dark save for a blue spotlight shining on a flag, displaying the words 'Magnya Carta' and accompanied by a crown logo attached to a curtain on the stage. Drummer Teruki appeared as the fans shouted for him, striking a victory pose in his black jacket. Then bassist kanon, who a wore black costume with a knit skirt of black and emerald green stripes, skipped out, touching the hands of fans along the front row. Bou, dressed in a black, red and white outfit with see-through shirt and checkered pants, received his white guitar from a staff member. Finally Miku, donning a white shirt, black jacket and slim-fitting pants over which he wore his trademark red pleated skirt, took the stage, golden hair perfectly styled, red microphone in hand. Their fashionable dress not only appealed to the girls in the audience, but also made the stage colorful and bright.

The first song, LOCK ON☆THE☆O NEW SEKAI, started cheerfully as the audience raised their hands all at once with the bright, upbeat melody. Miku shouted "Kanazawa! NYAPPY!" and the 'Cafekko' in Kanazawa yelled out a spirited "NYAPPY!" in return. In NYAPPY in the world, Miku called out to the crowd, the audience raising their hands in response. Bou's guitar solo marked the start of Ippatsu Gyakuten Ren-ai Game, Miku shouting "Ippatsu Gyakuten! [Come from behind!]" and the audience jumping together. kanon played well, moving and shaking his body rhythmically to the music. Bou sometimes pointed his finger upward, playing in a cool and steady manner. Meanwhile Teruki pounded away at the drums, a huge smile on his face.

After an MC, Super Rabbit started with rap-like vocals, kanon's bass working quite effectively. The members and the audience all jumped together at the phrase "Supper Rabbit!" The stage was colored red by the lighting as Tekesuta Kousen, kicked off with Bou's impressive guitar solo. The audience, led by Miku, clapped their hands as Bou pointed to them. Meanwhile, kanon approached the drum set, sharing a smile with Teruki. Miku lifted up his microphone, signaling the start of Maple Gunman. The audience jumped with the fast, upbeat rhythms; the live house was rapidly heating up. Miku sang and walked around on stage, sometimes leaning forward as though talking to the audience. Bou and kanon occasionally switched positions with each other, playing their instruments as they went, and Teruki rhythmically beat the drums, shaking his head wildly.

During another MC, Miku talked about fishing, which is one of his hobbies. The venue was filled with laughter as Miku related funny stories, all the while looking like a young teacher standing at his platform. The fans offered their opinions quite frankly; the eager students adoring their favorite teacher.

~Koukai~, introduced as 'a good old song', came next. Miku sang enthusiastically, giving his whole heart to the song and moving the audience to a brief silence. Bou's sorrowful guitar sounded in Nanairo Crayon de egaku Hikari. Each instrument stood out strongly in this beautiful, simple ballad, the audience listening closely and applauding as it ended.

Then Bou, kanon, and Teruki played solo sessions. Bou said "Let’s dance together!" and the audience made their hands into fists and danced as they raised their hands one after the other. The members played their short solos, alternately talking in a pleasant way as the venue assuming a very calm atmosphere. The hard beats started again and Miku appeared, stirring the audience up and commanding them to jump. While the band performed NYAPPY in the world 2, the audience formed the letters 'L' 'O' 'V' 'E' using their hands as they jumped about. Miku lifted his microphone stand again and the brisk #-@☆pi po pa po telepathy-☆@-# started, the show heating up even more.

In Duck no Magical Adventure, Miku encouraged the fans to "shake your head!" again and again to the hard and fast rhythms. Using a big toy hammer, he playfully hit fans on the head as they, Donald Duck puppets in hand, cheered for Miku's funny vocal work. A hard, heavy song Pussion Pudding, followed. The members moved enthusiastically around the stage, Miku shouted, and fans head banged under the flashing lights. With red and white An Cafe towels in the hands of the band members and the fans, Bonds~Kizuna~ was performed, a song that not only solidifies the firm bond between the members of An Cafe and each 'Cafekko', but is also the name of their fan club. Members and fans raised their towels and fists and shouted, releasing whatever energy they had left as the live reached its climax.

Finishing the last song, An Cafe left the stage smiling and waving as they went. Then, the audience called "once again!" for an encore. The band returned in regular t-shirts and played the first song of the encore, Meguriaeta Kiseki. This quiet ballad was written by Miku in thanks for all of the encouraging letters he received from fans as he went through a time of depression. He sang emotionally, putting his whole heart into the song, obviously moving the gathered fans. Bright electric sounds introduced the next song, Jikoai Shugisha no mijuku na Akuma. Colorful lights flashed over Miku’s sweating skin and Bou’s white-blonde hair shining beautifully. kanon bent to touch fans' hands as he played his bass and Teruki shook his black straight hair around while keeping up the steady rhythms. The show got crazy during Gangu as the fans moved wildly about the floor. The last song was smile ichibanii♀ (Onna), a fresh song really suiting An Cafe. The audience danced and sang with smiles on their faces, the venue filled with the happy, positive message of this song.

Bright melodies that make everyone want to move, matched with positive and friendly lyrics along with colorful clothing; these things catch the eye of girls who love to have fun. Even if they won’t listen to their teachers, parents, and adults around them, they would definitely listen to what Miku has to offer: the message of an ideal kingdom where everyone is happy. An Cafe perfectly expresses this theme. In a world, where people work towards a better future in the face of many hardships, An Cafe, in their own way, seems to show us that "the way to our bright future is unexpectedly close to us."

Set list:

2. NYAPPY in the world
3. Ippatsu Gyakuten Ren-ai Game
4. Super Rabbit
5. Tekesuta Kousen
6. Maple Gunman
7. ~koukai~
8. Nanairo Crayon de egaku Hikari
9. –Bou & kanon & Teruki no et cetera-
10. NYAPPY in the world 2
11. #-@☆pi po pa po telepathy-☆@-#
12. Duck no magical adventure
13. Pusshin Pudding
14. Snow Scene
15. Bonds~Kizuna~

EN1. Meguriaeta Kiseki
EN2. Jikoaishugisha no mijukuna Akuma
EN3. Gangu
EN4. smile ichibanii♀(Onna)
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