PANG - Kizuna feat. MEGARYU

review - 08.31.2007 08:00

PANG and MEGARYU bond through music.

Kizuna featuring MEGARYU is PANG’s newest single, released earlier this year. It’s rare for PANG to release singles, seeing as this lady with the remarkable blonde-dyed crew cut usually releases albums and mini-albums.

The reggae duo MEGARYU is featured on the first track and the two of them also collaborated with PANG in writing the song. Kizuna has a laid-back, relaxed reggae rhythm, something that fits both artists perfectly as they have both created many songs in the same style. The singers alternate verses with PANG starting off, her voice fresh and sounding rather gentle. RYU-REX sounds as melodious and boyish as always, while MEGA-HORN, with his much deeper timbre, seems to rap his parts more than actually singing.

Daijoubu da yo, the second track of the single was previously released as a single itself a month before. The song was re-recorded in New York and produced by the legendary reggae artist NAHKI, who has occasionally been helping PANG. The song has a slow pace and floats along nicely with soft, melancholic overtones. A few brass instruments, including trumpets and a saxaphone, are added and provide the song with some diversity.

Along with these two tracks the single also contains two ‘versions’, a term used in reggae music to indicate an instrumental track. It's a nice addition for karaoke lovers. An unexpected notable is that when listening to Kizuna's version, it almost sounds like an instrumental of Bob Marley’s No Woman no Cry, so if you’re at a loss with the Japanese lyrics you can always try to sing Marley’s lyrics instead!

Overall, Kizuna feat. MEGARYU is a very enjoyable single with two great tracks. The only downside to it is that it sometimes seems just a little bit too ordinary and if you’re looking for something with a bit more spice, we recommend you check out PANG’s new full album, PANG III ~Kizuna~.
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