review - 01.30.2008 07:00

The sweetest LUV song of the winter season.

Releasing singles didn’t seem to be MUNEHIRO's thing as she had only released albums during her career so far. With LUV, this seemed to change as she released the two-track single in December 2007.

As the title indicates, the title track is about love. It is a moderately paced song which seems to be closer to general pop than the reggae songs that the singer is known for. However, it does have an urban flavor to it, with some great beats suited for slow dancing, allowing couples to get intimate - which is perfect for a love song!

The second track of the single, Yoasobi -my life- contrasts quite a lot with the title track: the warm, romantic atmosphere breaks immediately to make way for this upbeat party song. The rhythm of the song is very steady like a marching drill, but it has a little swing, and with a different bass line it would actually sound close to rock'n'roll. However, when compared to the warm, rich LUV, it sounds kind of meager and hollow.

It seems that with the song LUV, the aim is towards a broader audience than just the J-Urban lovers, seeing as it’s a very catchy song that appeals to many people easily. Yoasobi -my life- shows the party side of MUNEHIRO, but it is a rather unfortunate choice as the B-side of the single; this combination doesn’t really do the song any justice.

Hopefully, the single will have the desired effect and is able to introduce more people to MUNEHIRO’s music. This talented artist definitely deserves more recognition from greater masses.
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