hide Memorial Part One

interview - 05.02.2008 08:00

It has been ten years since hide's passing and JaME was able to obtain comments from many different artists concerning the famous and ever-inspiring guitarist.

Ten years ago the Japanese music industry tragically lost one of the most influential musicians on the scene. Through time and the continuous evolution of music in Japan, hide's memory, spirit and influence lives on in those who knew him as well as those who admire and respect him for the brilliant personality and extraordinary talent he was.


It has been ten years.
We respect your music, the way it continues to live on within those who listen to it.
We were of the same country, same scene. For the hide who always crossed borders with his words, we hope that you never change. We love your music. Thank you.


BAKU (Vo): I'm longing for you forever. I love you.

Mi-ne (G): He is an artist who continues to affect creators everywhere. Now I know what 'living forever' means.

Takuma (G): Your existence has left behind an eternal charisma!

Tsubuku (B): I started a band because I met you. Thank you very much.

Hiroshi (Dr): I realize that his songs are so cool every time I listen to them. And I'll keep listening to them.

D: Ruiza

hide really established himself as a guitarist, a musician and an artist, and still influences many even now. I too, like many others, have been influenced and stimulated by him in various ways since I started music. I think he changed the music scene with his songs, which always precede the age and never fade, even when we listen to them now.
I'm happy to be able to feel such songs made by hide.
I pray for the soul of hide from my heart.


Ten years have passed.
We're sure that what hide left for us has been taken over by other bands.
His influence is so great that we cannot help wishing that he were still alive to take and lead the scene overseas, to the rest of the world.
It would have been great to meet you even if it was only once.
We think many bands that have been influenced by hide will continue to appear from now on. Please keep watching those who come after you, like us, warmly from the sky.


We still clearly remember hide appearing on TV even now.
The shock that we experienced when we saw him that time was like electricity running through our bodies, probably a lot like when hide awoke to rock for the first time.
We still learn from his music, which sounds brand-new even now when we listen to it, and his original ideas and style influence us also.
hide is so attractive in many ways and we really respect him as a musician and a human, as he was very cool on stage, but a very gentle person who was loved by everyone.
We would like to continue his love for music and look after his treasured fans.
Please continue to keep a watchful eye over DaizyStripper.


I started playing guitar after I saw hide! He will never fade! Thank you so much for your great guitar playing and music.

DuelJewel: Shun

When I started playing guitar, to be able to play the guitar from X JAPAN was a real status for all guitarists.
hide had that big of an influence on us all; I really can’t explain it.
I’ll work hard to continue what hide has helped me to create as an artist in the same scene.

JaME would like to thank all those who helped to make this article possible.
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