hide Memorial Part Three

interview - 05.04.2008 08:00

It has been ten years since hide's passing and JaME was able to obtain comments from many different artists concerning the famous and ever-inspiring guitarist.

Ten years ago the Japanese music industry tragically lost one of the most influential musicians on the scene. Through time and the continuous evolution of music in Japan, hide's memory, spirit and influence lives on in those who knew him as well as those who admire and respect him for the brilliant personality and extraordinary talent he was.

MUCC: Miya

If there wasn't hide, our music life wouldn't exist, I think.
He is a man who prompted me to touch rock music, and who taught me that even Japanese music can be rock.
A guitar hero, hide's existence is special to us all.

Nightmare: Hitsugi

It has been ten years already since that day.
When I was a junior high school student, I started music because of hide.
My interest in playing guitar, the fun of being in a band and the importance of music, all of this is because of hide's influence.
As I feel his great presence and achievement, I keep on going.

I have never met you, but please keep watching over me.

Sel'm: Tsubaki

Ten years have passed, but hide's music is still in many people now.
'monkey pod' and 'red hair' were my beginning.


When we met hide, our ages were different; we were junior or high school students.
We were shocked by his bright costumes and music, which we had never experienced before, and we started to collect CDs and images of X and hide.
Whenever we saw their work we were in total shock, sympathized, and longed to see more.
We still respect hide, now and forever.
His music and performances still thrill us and will never fade.
Thank you for giving us a prompt to start the band.
We'll grow to be closer to you, as SKULL, as best as we can.

Sugar: SIZNA

It was after his death, ten years ago, when I first learned about hide.
I didn't listen to music, nor had I begun playing the guitar, but I saw the fans, who mourned hide's death, shown on TV everyday. At that time I was surprised by his strong influence. I hope that one day I'll be an artist, like hide, who influences many people.


Ten years ago, when we played in the country under the name of our former band, Transtic Nerve, hide brought us up on a big stage. That was our big step in the start of our band, and he gave us a big chance. Even when things were really difficult for us, we worked hard with the thought, "hide is watching us, so we will never give up." Until now and from now on, our minds always stay with hide. hide's spirit is everlasting. Thank you, hide.

Versailles: HIZAKI

One of the people who inspired me to play guitar was hide.
He showed us all the potential a guitarist has and caused a revolution, not only in the music scene, but also in the world.
I will always respect his songs and his existence, so please let me say to him here, "Thank you so much."

Versailles: TERU

I remember when I learned about him for the first time; I was really shocked.
As I grew as an artist and explored things for myself, finally I was able to understand what I only knew obscurely before, that he was an awesome man.
I will continue to respect hide while continuing to develop and challenge myself.

Vidoll: Jui

I think what hide produced is what only he could have done.
He was a man who was always at the forefront of fashion and music.
I received many treasures from, and was influenced by hide.
I'll work hard everyday, absorbing his art, making use of it to continuously inspire me.

JaME would like to thank all those who helped to make this article possible.
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