MUNEHIRO - Hinomaru power ~kimi no chikara~

review - 08.24.2008 08:00

Two new powerful party tracks from MUNEHIRO.

Hinomaru Power ~kimi no chikara~ is the third of MUNEHIRO’s series of singles, which she started in December 2007. The colorful cover shows the reggae/dancehall diva holding a megaphone, already indicating to the listeners that they are up for something stronger than the previous, ballad-esque singles.

'Hinomaru' is one of the names of the Japanese flag, and the song centers around the theme of being proud of Japan and is full of praise for the country. It starts with MUNEHIRO singing with her vocals distorted and some electronic sounds. A strong beat comes in after and continues through the song, which builds up from the light intro to a powerful, danceable song. With some really catchy riddims perfectly suited for dancing and an English chorus of "I need you now," it'll get you hooked right away.

The second track of the single, Crazy Queen!!, is a little harder to get in to with its bold, pounding beat and almost aggressive sound. At the same time, it gives off some sexy vibes, and it’s easy to imagine some daring moves at the dance floor done to this number, just like the lyrics hint at. Although the song has the tendency to become a little repetitive, near the end a sitar-like guitar adds some Arabic flavor, which works out really well and comes as a very nice little surprise.

Of course, the obligatory instrumental tracks of both songs have also been included.

Again, MUNEHIRO has delivered two great, new songs. The title track was promoted on the well known TV show "HEY! HEY! HEY!" It shows that she has finally gained more recognition from Japan’s masses, which she most definitely deserves.
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