V-ROCK FESTIVAL: Saturday, October 24th - L Stage

live report - 05.09.2010 20:01

The highlights of the L Stage from the first day of V-ROCK.

The first day of the V-ROCK festival, on the big L and R Stages, started off with an enthusiastic SEX MACHINEGUNS performance. Intense lights and thundering drums reverberated so powerfully that the vibrations shook the stage. Mikan no uta opened the set, giving this first day of V-ROCK festival a loud, awakening start. Vocalist Anchang's signature grin could be seen on the big screen between the L and R Stages. The band entertained from start to finish as they swung their guitars and danced along in their own inimitable style while headbanging crazily. During their famous song, GERMAN POWER, they even changed part of the lyrics for this day to ‘Visual Power’ which did indeed fuel up the masses.

Set List:
1. Mikan no uta
2. Famires Bomber
3. Pride
4. Sakurajima

Kra, one of the relatively younger bands on the L-R Stage that day, played a very enjoyable set.  Starting with artman, the fans waved their hands back and forth to the pop sounding melody with an impressive bass chopper solo. The band then proceeded to the heavier En.  After a brief MC to introduce themselves, a mid-tempo ballad, Ai no flavor continued the fun set, with vocalist Keiyu singing his notes smoothly. He seemed to be having a lot of fun as he moved back and forth around the stage, entertaining the fans during Renjou Philosophy. He continued dancing energetically throughout the set, particularly during the jazzy Cab. DKra ended their set with Nichiyoubi, a bright song with tons of energy. With both the band and audience having a lot of fun, Kra's set was a memorable, energy packed experience.

Set List:
1.  artman
2.  En
3.  Ai no flavor
4.  Renjou Philosophy
5.  Cab. D
6.  Nichiyoubi 

Next up on the L Stage was the visually elegant D.  Starting with Hanamadoi, their set began on a heavy note as the audience all headbanged along frantically to the music. D continued with a fan favourite, the flag waving Night-ship D. To the addictive beat, the fans waved small D flags in time with Asagi, who led the crowd from behind his rose-adorned mic-stand. In some ways the song is a D anthem, and it is quite stunning to watch all the flags moving together. Meanwhile, Asagi gave full voice with his beautiful falsetto, which combined to stunning effect with Ruiza's cool guitar in yami yori kurai doukoku no acapella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria. Then in Tight rope, bassist Tsunehito pulled off an impressive solo. They ended their set on an energetic note with Guardian as the band urged the happily obliging fans to headbang one last time.

Set List:
1. Hanamadoi
2. Night-ship D
3. yami yori kurai doukoku no acapella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria
4. Tight rope
5. Guardian

The second half of the day on the L Stage began with Angelo, who came on stage to a thudding SE and loud screams. Unlike the cosy live house feel of the S and V Stages, the L Stage was more akin to a big stadium, and a make-up free Kirito looked at home on the large stage. Their set was a lot of fun as they wound a musical course through dark metal edged numbers with impressively powerful guitars and fun, 50's rock and roll in the shape of MULTI PERSONALITY. Kirito's vocals, meanwhile, were punchy and crisp with all the confidence of his long experience on stage. It was cute, then, when he jokingly introduced the band during their MC as a band of youngsters. Angelo may still be quite new as a band, but its three members certainly are not new to the scene.

Set List:

When Plastic Tree graced the L Stage, it was quite a different experience. Their shoegaze rock cast a spell over the assembled crowd. They crammed their set with a mix of fairly recent favourites; Kuchuu Buranko worked its magic with its ethereal melody, and Satou Kenken's mesmeric drumming during hate.red.dip.it and Melancholic worked the crowd into a frenzy. The latter was played with particular vigour and earned a singalong from the audience. Plastic Tree ended their set with the stunning, melancholic Ame ni Utaeba. The image of Ryutaro holding an umbrella, barely moving as Nakayama Akira's guitar notes floated beautifully in the air, made for a delightful close before the L Stage headliners, La'Cryma Christi, took over.

Set List:
1. Kuchuu Buranko
2. hate. red. dip. it
3. Makka na ito
4. Melt
5. Uwa no sora
6. Melacholic
7. Ame ni utaeba

The space on either side of L and R Stages was full to bursting with excitement for the La'Cryma Christi Resurrection. To an SE of spaced out soundscapes, the band came on stage and was greeted by loud screams. Their performance was as assured as one might expect from veterans of the scene, and from the first twirling guitar riff near, 10.000 arms began waving at once in response. It was as if there had been no hiatus.

With each song, La'Cryma Christi wowed, from the fun, anthemic Mirai Kouro to the catchy Forest, with its syncopated rhythm and interesting interplay between guitar and bass. The crowd adored every second, and as the heavy guitar chimed in a spectacular and beautiful performance of Lhasa, they became entranced. TAKA's vocals reached imploringly over the sinuous melody.

La'Cryma, as a cute nod to the trend of doing member introductions, decided to 'introduce' themselves to the audience as well. "How long has it been since we did one of these?" TAKA wondered. "Remember our names, OK?" he told the audience before asking them to scream each member's name in turn.

They finished on a high with the pairing of With You and Nankoku. The marching style and frivolous air of With You got the whole room dancing before the crashingly epic finale. It was a reminder of the good old times and an amazing way to close a great first day of music.

Set List:
1. Mirai Kouro
2. Forest
3. Henseifuu
4. Lhasa
5. Ivory Trees
6. With you
7. Nankoku
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