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interview - 03.05.2010 19:01

UnsraW talked with us about their European tour, new album and future plans.

Early February, visual kei band UnsraW toured Europe for the first time. After an explosive start in the Netherlands, the band headed to Paris, France. On the day after the concert, UnsraW, still drowsy, granted us a brief interview to try to wake up a little.

To start off, could you introduce the members of your group to our readers who do not yet know you?

Shou: I’m Shou, the drummer.
Yuuki: I’m Yuuki, vocalist.
Tetsu: Tetsu, on guitar.
Rai: My name is Rai, also on guitar.

And how about the bassist from last night?

Shou: That’s Jin, he’s a session bassist.

So how are you finding the tour so far?

Shou: Excellent!

Yuuki, were you finally able to see some breasts after the concert? (During the concert, Yuuki shouted "Show me your boobs!" to the audience)

Yuuki: No (laugh), but that was just a joke.

For many long months the group remained silent, and with your return your sound is more smooth, more fluid. Do you think it’s necessary for a group to be smooth to work correctly nowadays?

(The group considers during a moment of reflective silence.)
Shou: I don’t think our sound has really become smooth, our maxi-single REBORN might be less violent than our other works, but the new album really will be!

Can you tell us more about the new album?

Yuuki: It will be a more conceptual album, but we can’t say more for the moment, it’s a secret.

In an interview given in 2007, you said your masks were necessary for your shows. You no longer wear them, what’s happened?

(The members laugh as they exchange looks.)
Yuuki: No comment.

You’re sure?

Yuuki: Well, in fact, the group has grown and evolved since then. The masks are no longer really necessary.

There’s been a little information circulating about your side project, “B-kyu Hansen.” Could you tells us more about that?

Shou: Actually, there’s not really much difference between B-kyu Hansen and UnsraW. It’s exactly the same kind of music, but with different clothes, that’s all.

It’s the first time you’ve tread on European soil, did you have any apprehension regarding this tour overseas?

Shou: We were really excited about this tour, we didn’t have any worries.
Yuuki: It’s an honor coming to Europe, the European audience is really very warm and open. We heard really good things from the groups who’d already toured here.

Lacking a bassist and soon a guitarist as well, what are your projects for the future?

Rai: I’ll be leaving the group soon, but fans shouldn’t worry, the group won’t stop there.
Shou: We’ll be holding auditions to find new members soon, hopefully we’ll find some talented people pretty quickly.

Last night, French band EYELESS performed as the opening band. What did you think of them?

Tetsu: They were really impressive! We really loved it.
Shou: We really wanted to see them after the concert!

Let’s talk a bit about the group’s influences. Who or what compelled you, gave you the feeling you wanted to make music?

Shou: Since I was fourteen years old, I’ve loved the group Slipknot. I found the drummer really impressive, that really made me want to make music.
Tetsu: I’ve always appreciated Japanese groups, but also Western bands. When I was younger I was a fan of Mr. Big. One day I went to see one of their concerts, and that made me want to play guitar.
Yuuki: When I was around thirteen or fourteen, I really liked X JAPAN. I was really impressed by the drummer’s playing during their concerts.

With UnsraW, you reprised a lot of pieces by CORE THE CHILD, Yuuki and Shou’s old group. Why was that?

Shou: We listened to the old compositions of the groups that UnsraW members had been in, and finally, we all said, “These pieces are excellent, why not record them?” From there we started including some of them on our CDs.

With titles like Platonic Bitch and Social Faker, which carry some very crude, hard words, you’re not going to make us believe that your message has to do with love anyway?

Yuuki: Well, Platonic Bitch tells a story that really happened to me. And Social Faker speaks of social problems, in Japanese society, but all of our pieces try to carry a message of love and getting together. Just because we speak about those subjects doesn’t mean our songs can’t be hard and violent.

And to finish, a last message for your fans?

Rai: We are really thankful for your welcome last night.
Shou: Thank you for continuing to support us.
Tetsu: Thank you so much to all our fans.
Yuuki: We thank everyone who was at the concert last night and we hope to see you again in another European tour!

JaME would like to thank A.S.S. Concert & Promotion, Sam for the translation, and UnsraW.
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