Interview with Jin Akanishi in Los Angeles

interview - 06.26.2010 20:01

The day before KAT-TUN's Jin's solo concerts in Los Angeles, JaME was able to sit down with him for a brief interview.

In June, Jin Akanishi, a member of the well-known Johnny's group KAT-TUN, decided to strike out on his own with a number of solo shows in the USA. Before he performed three shows in California, JaME was able to speak with the young star. During the interview, he shared his thoughts on his endeavors with JaME.

What made you decide to do solo shows now?

Jin: I love composing music, and I had lots of my own music that I created. I wanted to perform my songs and have everyone listen to them.

Your recent solo tour and the shows in Los Angeles are called You & Jin. What kind of concepts are you hoping to convey with this title?

Jin: ‘You’ refers to all the fans, and 'Jin' is me, of course. It’s kind of…(pauses) I have friends in different countries, and there are lots of fans in many different countries, and we’re all working together. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is – yellow, white, brown – or if you’re gay, straight, lesbian, everybody works together to achieve one goal, and that’s to make a great show.

Do you plan on releasing any solo material?

Jin: I want to! (laughs)

Is your style as a solo artist different from your work with KAT-TUN?

Jin: I think it is very different, more hip-hop, Western-style pop.

How different is it to perform solo as opposed to performing with KAT-TUN?

Jin: In a group, if I make a mistake, someone can cover it up for me. When I do solo shows, I have to take responsibility for any mistakes. And, I’m creating my style, my show, my music…but it’s not that different because it’s still all about having fun.

Since doing your own solo tour, do you feel you have you grown as an artist?

Jin: Ahh, I don’t know…I don’t feel like there’s a difference in me.

You also have a lot of acting experience. Is there something you can do as an actor that you don’t get to do as a singer, and vice versa?

Jin: When I’m acting, I can be a different person. It’s fun because I can experience things that usually wouldn’t happen to me in real life. As a singer, I can sing my songs for people to listen to. Sharing my music with everyone is the best part.

What do you expect from your shows in Los Angeles? Do you think American fans will be different from Japanese fans?

Jin: I’ve heard that American fans are more active, they like to dance and really…(snaps fingers) groove. In Japan, people like to just watch the show. My music is club style, and I really want everyone to rock out.

Is there anything special you really enjoy doing in Los Angeles?

Jin: I have many friends in LA, and I like hanging out with them. I also like to play golf. The view and the weather are so amazing when I am playing. You can’t really get the same in Japan.

What other countries would you like to perform in?

Jin: All over Europe, in Canada, other parts of Asia…then I want to go back to Japan and do more solo shows there.

Please give a message to your overseas fans.

Jin: For now, I have my shows in LA. I’d like to go all over the world, but to do that I need to hear your voices! So, send letters, go on Twitter. (laughs) If you can, come and see my shows. Let’s share my music and have fun together.

JaME would like to thank Krista Erickson, Rin Ueno and Ikuya Fuchigami for making this interview possible.
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Akanishi Jin in LA

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