Koda Kumi - Ai o tomenaide

review - 10.17.2011 20:01

The new single for Koda Kumi is quite the power ballad.

Released on September 21, Koda Kumi’s single Ai o tomenaide has fans abuzz. The single has only charted for a week and has peaked at fifth place on the Oricon Daily Charts and sixth on the Oricon Weekly Charts. So far, it has sold 30, 282 copies in its first week. Recochoku’s Chaku-Uta Full and Music Video rankings lists Ai o tomenaide as coasting first place for both ranks.

Ai o omenaide is a power ballad that flaunts Koda Kumi’s deep alto voice and piano and acoustic guitar flavor the track. The melody ranges from alto to soprano and carries a bit of weight in the chorus.

The B-side, You are not alone, is a bubblier pop track, sounding more like conventional J-pop combined with a relaxed r'n'b beat. You are not alone exists to inspire the listener and to tell them that they are not alone.

Ai o tomenaide comes in three versions, Type A, B and C. Type A contains two tracks plus the PVs for both; Type B is just a stripped-down two-track single and Type C, the "Second Virgin" version, contains Ai o tomenaide and a music box and strings version of a previously released song, Anata dake ga.

Both Anata dake ga and Ai o tomenaide were featured in the drama and film versions of "Second Virgin" respectively.

Below is the one minute long TV spot for Ai o tomenaide:
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