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interview - 01.06.2013 08:00

Just before their major debut, we interviewed 'Kawaii' metal girlgroup BABYMETAL in order to get to know this unique project.

Formed in 2010, the three-girl unit BABYMETAL is based on a mix of genres, such as J-Pop and heavy metal. The girls have released two singles so far and will have their major debut on January 9th with their single, Ijime, Dame, Zettai.

Curious about this concept where cuteness is combined with raw metal, we asked the girls a number of questions. Curious about their sound too? Preview their music at the bottom of this interview.

Hello, BABYMETAL! Since it’s your first interview for JaME, please introduce yourselves.

BABYMETAL: We're MOA-METAL on scream and dance, SU-METAL on vocals and dance, and YUI-METAL also on scream and dance.

Can you explain the concept of BABYMETAL?

BABYMETAL: We change "heavy" metal into "baby" metal and express it our way. We want to be the only ones who have this style!

Please tell us about your upcoming single, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”.

BABYMETAL: It expresses the struggles between one's self and others on the subject of bullying. It's a song that gives you a push and makes you say, "I'll try a little more."

What do you feel when you go onstage? Are you nervous? Are you excited?

BABYMETAL: We don't get nervous at all on the stage. The "fox god" descends and makes that kind of feeling fly away.

How did you get interested in metal? What metal bands inspire you?

BABYMETAL: We were exposed to the metal genre for the first time when we started BABYMETAL. We've been studying--it's a whole new world.

How did you train your voices to scream? Does it take plenty of practice?

BABYMETAL: We're always training for singing and dancing, so we've been practising a lot. The screams come from our fighting spirit!

What is unique about your ‘fox sign’, compared to the usual ‘devil sign’?

BABYMETAL: The fox sign is part of "baby" metal, and if you turn it to the side, you can see the shadow looks like a fox!

How do you combine your school life and your music career?

BABYMETAL: We go to school on the weekdays like everyone else, and we do music after school and on our days off.

What are your plans for the future?

BABYMETAL: We want to play guitars and make a band, but maybe the practice would be hard work. We'll see!

Please give a final message to our readers.

BABYMETAL: Since we started BABYMETAL, we've learned that there are many different musical genres. We will keep challenging ourselves with new things. Let's get loud and scream together, everyone!

We would like to thank RESONANCE Media and Amuse, Inc. for making this interview possible.
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