Eve of Destiny

indies - hiatus (2002 - 2006)
Eve of Destiny is a band that is mostly labelled as industrial: a heavy beat, created by a drum computer, vocals, a guitar, and some gothic influences.

Though they are currently inactive, they used to be quite active in Europe, which seems to be very rare for a Japanese band. They chose to focus on the European market because it has a bigger gothic scene than Japan.
author: Kay (2007-08-29)
line up
Eve of Destiny first started as the solo project of Haruhiko Ash, the former vocalist of the punk band The Zolge, and an important person in the Japanese gothic scene. As organizer and DJ of the club "Eve the New Church" in Tokyo in the nineties, he contributed to the establishment of the gothic scene in Japan.

With Eve of Destiny he chose to target an international market and his first release was the song Desperado in 1998, which was published on a compilation album from the renowned American label Cleopatra.

Eve of Destiny had their first show in 1999, in Leipzig, Germany, at the legendary event Wave Gothic Treffen, which is one of the biggest gothic events of Europe. Another performance abroad was done in April 2002, at a gothic festival in Manilla, the Philippines.

It was around this time that Közi, the former guitarist of the popular visual kei band malice mizer joined Haruhiko and became an official member of Eve of Destiny. Although there were almost no connections between the music of malice mizer and Eve of Destiny, it created an uproar amongst malice mizer fans. Unfortunately, the band didn't seem to be very happy with this kind of attention, seeing as they tried to establish themselves in the gothic scene as opposed to the visual kei scene.

The band continued to perform overseas, again at the Wave Gothic Treffen event in Germany, but also in other European countries and Oceania. Often, they played at gothic events, and at various music festivals across the whole world. Seeing as they were performing in Europe and Oceania quite often, performances in Japan were a rarity.

In 2004 there was some talk about the release of a maxi-single. Unfortunately the date was postponed numerous times, and it was pushed back later and later, due to problems with their label. Nervous and innocence, a mini-album, was finally released in April 2005 on a German label. Unfortunately, the problems with the label continued and many fans were disappointed as they did not receive the CD.

After that, the activities of the band became sparse, and since 2005 there has been no news regarding Eve of Destiny's activities. Their website has ceased to exist, which seems to point in the direction of a break. Közi has started to work on his solo project again and currently it's unsure whether the two men will ever be active again as Eve of Destiny.
author: Kay (2007-08-29)

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