Onitsuka Chihiro


also known as:   Chihiro Onitsuka  
major - active (2000 - )
Chihiro Onitsuka is a successful songwriter and musician whose carefully honed talents and unique style have caused a sensation in Japan. Accompanied by her piano or the occasional guitar, she is a rare artist in the mass produced market of Japanese pop idols. Her voice is recognizable for its broad range, both in scale and emotion, which some critics may unfairly describe as raw, but her fans adore as soulful and heartfelt.

Even though she started recording at an early age, her work is of high quality, encompassing folk styles blended with rock. Relaxing, invigorating and, most of all, hopeful, Chihiro's music is something truly unique that comes entirely from her heart and reaches through to touch the hearts of the listener as well.
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