indies - disbanded (2014 - 2017)
INKT (pronounced “ink”) was a rock band featuring ex-KAT-TUN member KOKI, mACKAz and SASSY, who were both formerly members of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, and guitarist Kei. Their songs feature a mix of catchy melodies and aggressive rock, highlighted by KOKI’s edgy onstage persona and emotional vocals.

In addition to rigorous touring in their home country, INKT also wasted no time heading out to meet their overseas fans. They performed at Brazilian anime convention Anime Friends in 2015 and took the stage at The Best of Anime in the Philippines the following year. Sadly, after KOKI was arrested for suspected marijuana possession in May 2017, the group was put on hiatus for a few months. While he was not charged with a crime in the end, the members decided in September that the best course of action was to disband.
line up
  • Keyboard: kissy [2014 / 2016 - gone]
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