indies - active (2004 - )
MEANING is a post-hardcore band formed in 2004. While punk makes up the foundation of their sound, the band’s three guitarists also proudly bust out heavy metal riffs and solos, sometimes pulling their songs towards thrash, and at other times, towards a more melodic sound. At first, this diversity made it hard for the band to find its footing in Japan's hardcore scene, but they held fast, and since the release of their full-length debut BRAVE NEW WORLD in 2010, they've attracted a steadily-growing army of dedicated fans.

While MEANING’s activities have been focused mainly in Japan, in recent years they've also ventured overseas several times, mainly to other Asian countries.
line up
  • Drums: INOMAN [2004 / 2016 - gone]
  • Bass: mami [2004 / 2008 - gone]
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