indies - disbanded (2002 - 2012)
Doremidan were a visual kei band with a refreshingly versatile sound. The only trouble was it changed regularly, making it very hard to describe. The band certainly weren't afraid to experiment with musical styles, using all different manner of rhythms and beats, be it influenced by jazz, reggae, tango or even rumba.

The band's name might sound unusual, and may even remind you of "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do", the French way of singing a musical scale, but it is not why the band chose this name. The band's eccentric vocalist Makoto explained in an interview that their name comes from the Beatles' song Don't let me down, which sounds like "do le mi dan" when spoken with a Japanese accent.
line up
  • Bass: Maya [2003 / 2004 - gone]
  • Guitar: Haruhi [2002 / 2002 - gone]
  • Bass: Ko-zi [2002 / 2002 - gone]
  • Bass: Shinji [2005 / 2009 - gone]
  • Guitar: Syuren [2002 / 2002 - gone - support member]
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