indies - active (1990 - )
Sigh is one of the most original and influential still-active black metal bands; their fame stretches far beyond their home land of Japan. In their early days, their main influences included bands such as Venom, Celtic Frost, the more popular Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath as well as horror movies soundtracks. Having initially played pretty 'classical' black metal, over the past 26 years they have been continuously changing and improving their sound. The wide variety of their songs includes thrash metal, epic tracks filled with synthesizers. and even psychedelic songs with clear 70's influences. They were also amongst the first black metal bands to extensively use the keyboards.

They don't play live very often. One of the reasons is the fact that during recording, they often use a large number of instruments, even such unusual (for a metal band) ones such a sitar, mellotron, or saxophone.
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