Pay money To my Pain

ペイ マネー トゥー マイ ペイン

major - active (2005 - )
Pay money To my Pain (often shortened to PTP) is a rock act formed by four experienced musicians under the leadership of K, their charismatic vocalist. Their music could easily be the type heard on the radio in the West, as it is a mix of screamo and hardcore and their lyrics are written exclusively in English. This crossover appeal and K’s sincere, emotional lyrics have won the band a dedicated following and led to many of their songs being featured in TV shows and video games.
line up
  • Vocals: K [2005 / 2012 - deceased]
  • Guitar: JIN [2005 / 2008 - gone]
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  • euroWH
  • Chaotic Harmony
  • Anime Expo 2018 - Right