also known as:   Ichigo Jamu  
indies - active (2003 - )
15JAM's music centers around fresh pop/rock sound with an underlying influence of punk. Listening to their work, one can sense the positive emotions surrounding their music. Rully's vocals offer an optimistic edge to their work, and coupled with her clear singing style, it blends perfectly with the music. Despite their edgy, pop/rock sound, 15JAM also has their share of slower, ballad-esque songs.

Perhaps one of the more interesting facts about the band is that they perform without the aid of a bassist, opting instead for a keyboardist. With this slant to their work, 15JAM is also pushing the boundaries of techno and electronica. One slightly negative aspect of 15JAM that some may find, however, is Rully's vocals sounding eerily reminiscent of Otsuka Ai's.
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