植村 カリーナ 愛

also known as:   Uemura Carina Ai  
major - active (2001 - )
AI, who is also known as the "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul", elates with her talented and inimitable voice and her unique style. If you think of the collaborations she's done with artists such as m-flo and SUITE CHIC, you'll think of this powerful woman as the Japanese pendant to Missy Elliott. However, if you listen to her own albums you will also see her soft side, and this special variety represents AI and her original style.

AI's sound is a felicitous mixture of hip-hop, R&B and pop. Due to her numerous collaborations, she has made a name for herself. People who are interested in Japanese hip-hop should definitely listen to AI!
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  • Vocals, Rap: AI
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