major - active (1988 - )
Since the release of their first album, Hai to Diamond, GLAY has been a force to be reckoned with on the charts. Formed by two childhood friends in 1988, few could have foreseen that this four-man band from Hokkaido would become one of Japan’s best-selling rock acts.

Originally a visual kei band, GLAY quickly crossed over into the mainstream due to TAKURO's positive, relatable lyrics, the unique visual and musical flair of HISASHI and JIRO, and TERU's imperfect, sincere vocals. Also, while their brand of heartfelt pop-rock has brought them such success, the members are not content with following a set formula. Over the course of their career they have drawn influences from genres ranging anywhere from punk to gospel.
line up
  • Drums: Nobumasa [1993 / 1995 - gone]
  • Drums: Akira [1992 / 1993 - gone]
  • Keyboard: D.I.E. [1995 / 1998 - gone - support member]
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