Swinging Popsicle's 20th Anniversary Mini-Album Now Available in 119 Countries

news - 01.14.2016 12:30
source: Press Release
Pop rock band Swinging Popsicle have released their 20th anniversary mini-album flow in 119 countries via online music distribution services.

Swinging Popsicle was formed by Hironobu Hirata, Mineko Fujishima and Osamu Shimada in 1995, and the band made its major debut on Sony Records in 1997. Since then, they have performed in the US, Korea, Mexico and many other countries. Their mini-album, flow, was released last year in Japan on December 10th. It has six tracks, with three songs in English, including a cover of the Jackson 5's song I'll Be There.

Fans interested in purchasing the release can do so via iTunes, Google Play or Amazon MP3, and it is available for free streaming on Spotify.

Swinging Popsicle also created a special website for their 20th anniversary where you can listen to samples of all of the tracks.
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