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news - 08.21.2016 04:11
source: OHP
Popular singer Aimer will release a new album on September 21st.

Titled daydream, the album features collaborations with a number of popular Japanese artists, including: Taka (ONE OK ROCK), Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS), TK (Ling tosite sigure), chelly (EGOIST), Hiroyuki Sawano, androp, Sukima Switch, and Mao Abe. The release will be available in three editions, and all three will have 13 tracks.

Limited edition A will include a bonus Blu-ray with the music videos for insane dream, us, ninelie, Falling Alone and Chouchou musubi, live footage from her Aimer Live Tour"DAWN" and a special music video for the anime series "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” as a bonus track. Limited edition B will have a bonus DVD with the same music videos on the Blu-ray and the special anime video. The regular edition will be CD-only.

Aimer just released her 11th single on August 17th. Chouchou musubi is available in two editions. Both include the title track (produced by Yojiro Noda, featuring Hanaregumi on chorus), Natsukusanikimiwoomou and September san. The limited edition has a bonus DVD with the music video for Chousou musubi and footage from her LIVE AT ANYWHERE Vol.28 [lineme]. The regular edition is CD-only.
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