New Album from YASHIRO

news - 03.08.2017 09:32
Guitarist YASHIRO, best known as the long-standing support guitarist for power metal band Mary's Blood, will release her debut solo album on May 10th.

Named for the Greek goddess of justice, Astraia will contain ten songs including six instrumentals. Two of these feature guest appearances by Mary's Blood guitarist SAKI and ex-LoVendoЯ guitarist Uozumi Yuki. All of the tracks have been co-produced by veteran session musician Sakamoto Mitsuhisa.

YASHIRO began her career in 2008 with improvisational psychedelic outfit CHIKUWA TASTING KYOKAI.

An excerpt of YASHIRO's instructional guitar DVD "Zettai hajikeru! Cutting Guitar cho nyumon" can be viewed below:

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