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news - 03.09.2017 10:14
source: Press Release
Founded in October 2016 by DEATHGAZE drummer Naoki, visual kei band dexcore has announced an exciting offer: every Monday starting from March 6th, they will upload one new song to their YouTube channel.

This week, dexcore revealed a song called above the clouds (getsu9core ver.). In this track, Naoki’s powerful drumming and tetsu’s fascinating bass parts are amplified by -kagami-’s voice, which easily shifts from growling and screaming to melodic vocals. All in all, it reflects the core of band’s sound thoroughly, and the song’s lyrics are also written completely in English.

The remaining songs will be premiered every Monday at 9 p.m. (Tokyo time) until May 8th, for a total of 10 tracks. The members hope these new songs will please not only their new fans, but also fans of DEATHGAZE.

Keep your eye on dexcore's official YouTube channel and official website for more updates.

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