New Single from WANIMA

news - 03.19.2017 22:04
source: OHP
During their March 19th JUICE UP!! TOUR FINAL show at Saitama Super Arena, melodic punk band WANIMA announced that they have a new single on the way.

Titled Gotta Go!!, it will hit stores on May 17th. It will contain three tracks: CHARM, Lullaby and Kore dake wa.

Their third single in total, it will be their first release to be distributed by unBORDE, a sublabel of Warner Music Japan that handles artists like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and RIP SLYME.

The band also recently recorded a CM song for au's "Santaro" series called Yatte miyou. A video for the song featuring footage from the series can be viewed below.

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