New Anime Music Streaming Subscription Service ANiUTa Has Launched

news - 03.29.2017 11:19
source: Press Release
A new anime music streaming subscription service called ANiUTa has been launched in Japan.

Aiming to provide a more specialized alternative to massive all-genre streaming services like Apple Music and Google Play Music, ANiUTa offers music from anime, game, superhero productions and vocaloid sure to please fans of all ages. There are also plans to provide exclusive original services such as pre-release streaming during anime airing seasons and collaborations between various voice actors and actresses. Services such as exclusive concert ticket applications and exclusive online merchandise shopping are also expected to be included.

The service costs 600 yen per month (approximately 6 USD). It allows users to stream more than fifty thousand tracks, with about twenty thousand being released in a subscription service for the first time.

It was established by CEOs of two leading anime music companies: Shiro Sasaki from FlyingDog, Inc. and Shunji Inoue from Lantis Co., Ltd. Other participating companies include avex pictures, Kadokawa Corporation, PONY CANYON, TOEI ANIMATION MUSIC PUBLISHING, and more.

ANiUTa is also aiming to tap into the rising demand for anime and anime music concerts overseas, as the service is expected to launch abroad towards the end of 2017. Head over to ANiUTa's official website for more information.
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