Guitarist Leaves THE BEATMOTORS

news - 03.30.2017 12:23
source: OHP
It was announced today that guitarist Kimura Tetsurou has left THE BEATMOTORS.

In a comment on their official website, THE BEATMOTORS thanked the band's fans for all their support and apologized for the sudden announcement. They stated that they were originally planning to announce his withdrawal today and continue performing with Kimura until the end of May, but after discussions between the members and staff they decided that March 30th would be the best time for his departure.

Kimura stated that he plans to continue working on music on his own, and that he is thinking about recruiting members for a new band in the future.

While they have not officially released any new music since their 2014 album 3, THE BEATMOTORS have been very active as a live band. They recently uploaded a series of live documentary videos titled WHO THE F××K IS THE BEATMOTORS? to YouTube. Two videos from the series can be viewed below.

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