Zekkyou suru 60do and I love you Orchestra to Release Collaboration Mini-Album

news - 05.12.2017 14:42
Alternative idol duo Zekkyou suru 60do (aka Screaming Sixties) and instrumental rock band I love you Orchestra will release a collaboration mini-album on July 5th.

Titled Hug, it will feature six tracks. The music for the release was composed by I love you Orchestra, while Zekkyou suru 60do wrote the lyrics.

This is not their first collaboration, as the two groups have been performing together frequently and the girls contributed vocals to small money, sweet honey, a bonus track featured on I love you Orchestra's 2016 album Crack.

A digest video of one of I love you Orchestra's performances featuring an appearance from Zekkyou suru 60do is available here.
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