New Best-of Album from ReVision of Sence

news - 08.02.2017 09:44
source: OHP
Rock band ReVision of Sence will release their first best-of album on September 13th.

Titled Fukyouyou BEST, it will be available in four editions. As the members are looking to spread their music to as many new people as possible with this release, each version will feature 20 tracks and cost just 250 yen (about 2.50 USD). The tracklists for all of the versions will be the same, but they are each designed to be given to different people in the purchaser's life. There is a "Friend" version, a "Lover" version, a "Family" version and a "Self" version. When all four versions are arranged together, they reveal a secret QR code that lets the owner download two new songs.

The band is also currently in the middle of an ambitious crowdfunding campaign. They are hoping to hold three one-man lives where admission is free for any fans who bring a friend along.

The MV for I'm a kuzu ningen and a live video for Yo no naka kao can be viewed below. Both tracks are featured on the best-of album.

I'm a kuzu ningen

Yo no naka kao (LIVE ver.)
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