THE BACK HORN's New Best-of Album

news - 08.08.2017 18:02
source: OHP
Rock band THE BACK HORN, who will be celebrating their 20th anniversary next year, have announced the release of a new best-of album for October 18th.

Titled BEST THE BACK HORN II, it will be released in two types. Both will come with two CDs. The first one will feature 16 songs chosen from tracks released after the band's first best-of compilation in 2008. The second CD will contain a new track, three re-recorded songs, and 10 tracks chosen by fans. Type B will feature only these two CDs, while Type A will come with a DVD compiling music videos.

Below, you can watch a digest preview of the live footage included with THE BACK HORN’s recent single Kodoku wo Tsunaide, which was released on July 5th.

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