news - 01.24.2018 19:27
source: OHP
Trance metal band BLOOD STAIN CHILD have announced a change of drummer.

Back in December, now-former drummer GAMI declared his intention to leave BLOOD STAIN CHILD after eight years for unspecified personal reasons. He played his last live with the band on January 14th at Osaka's Shinsaibashi VARON.

He has been replaced by Kanemoto "YASU" Yasuo of melodic death metal band Shatter Silence. YASU made his live debut with the group on January 21st at Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH.

BLOOD STAIN CHILD also revealed they are currently working on some form of best-of album. No details were given about its contents or a possible release date, but the band have said GAMI and other ex-members RYO, SADEW, Violator and KiKi will all be involved in some way.

The music video for O.k.e.@.n.o.S, from their 2017 mini-album TRI ODYSSEY, can be viewed below:

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