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news - 01.28.2018 12:47
source: OHP
Rock band 04 Limited Sazabys will release a new single on March 14th.

A double A-side release, My HERO / Yuunagi will be available in four editions. All four will feature just the two title tracks. My HERO is said to be a catchy two-beat number, and it has been chosen as the theme song for the drama "Oh My Jump! ~Shounen Jump ga chikyuu o sukuu~". Yuunagi has been described as "edgy", and it will also be the first song the band has ever released with a kanji title.

The versions on offer will include a regular 12 cm CD format, a limited 8 cm CD edition, a cassette tape edition, and a 7-inch analogue EP. These special formats are meant to symbolize different generations of music fans.

In addition, 04 Limited Sazabys are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with three special lives. Titled 04 Limited Sazabys 10th Anniversary Live, they will be held at Yokohama Arena, Nippon Gaishi Hall and Osaka-jou Hall in April and May.

A teaser for the 10th anniversary shows and the video for their 2017 single Squall can be viewed below.

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