New Mini-Album from More

news - 02.11.2018 17:18
Visual kei band More will release a new mini-album on April 20th.

Their third in total, tyrantura will be a live venue and mail order-limited release. It will feature five tracks: Howling, Sakimidareru hana to chirasu ame, Thanatos, Usukurenai and Rakuen.

In addition, More are currently in the middle of a short tour with umbrella in support of a coupling mini-album they recorded together titled Yureru kasa, mawaru haguruma. Available for purchase only at their shows, the mini-album features six songs: an instrumental, the title track, which is a collaboration between the two bands, a new song from each band, a cover of umbrella's song LoV by More and a cover of More's The Hanged Man from umbrella.

A digest trailer for Yureru kasa, mawaru haguruma and a longer preview of the title track can be listened to below.

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