New Single from BAND-MAID

news - 05.27.2018 20:40
source: OHP
All-female hard rock band BAND-MAID have announced the release of a new single for July 25th.

Titled start over, it will come out in three editions. The regular edition will be CD-only, and it will feature two tracks: the title song and the B-side Screaming.

Limited Edition Type A will come with a bonus Blu-ray containing footage of the band’s live at ZEPP TOKYO. It will also include a trading card and a bonus CD featuring secret MAIKO lips, a song by BAND-MAIKO, an April Fool’s Day joke alter-ego of the band. Limited Edition Type B will feature only the above-mentioned live footage on a DVD.

The video for secret MAIKO lips can be viewed below.

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