PIKOTARO Makes Appearance in V.I's "WHERE R U FROM" Video, Producer Kosaka Daimaou Shares Tearful Story on Blog

news - 10.05.2018 12:38
source: Press Release
PPAP star PIKOTARO appeared in a surprise flash mob in V.I’s (BIGBANG) video for new single WHERE R U FROM, from his new album THE GREAT SEUNGRI.

When PPAP became a hit after its release the year before last, V.I did a PPAP impersonation during the BIGBANG stadium tour. Ever since PIKOTARO heard that story, he had wanted to V.I the favor. Therefore, PIKOTARO accepted the offer to make a surprise appearance in V.I’s video. For the video shoot, he memorized V.I’s dance routine step for step.

In other news, Kosaka Daimaou, producer of PIKOTARO, revealed a miracle that happened to PIKOTARO and has attracted the public’s attention. On September 30th, Kosaka wrote about two young girls in his blog entry titled “A miracle that didn’t happen and a miracle that happened.”

In April this year, PIKOTARO met a Japanese girl named Airi who had been fighting against a serious disease. Through an organization, PIKOTARO went to see her and cheer for her. Airi dressed like PIKOTARO during his visit, and she enjoyed singing karaoke and dancing with PIKOTARO. PIKOTARO and Airi promised to see each other again; they were able to keep in touch with him checking on her condition and they also exchanged letters. However, Airi passed away on September 27th.

On September 29th, PIKOTARO visited Madrid, Spain to attend an event. After the show, he was asked “What is your favorite animal?” by a Spanish girl. He answered “Alpaca!” Although the girl said she did not know what an alpaca was when PIKOTARO answered, she showed up at his meet-and-greet autograph session with an alpaca stuffed animal. With only about one hour between the show and the autograph session, she was able to buy the stuffed animal as a gift to PIKOTARO. As he signed his autograph for the girl, he asked her for her name. It was “Airi”.

Excerpt from Kosaka Daimaou's blog post:

A miracle, a miracle.
She is Airi. Airi came to see me.
At least, I couldn’t stop thinking like that.
A miracle that didn’t happen and a miracle that happened.
Two Airis over such a long distance, between Japan and Spain.
Airi is supposedly an unusual name in Spain, so it makes me think it’s a miracle even more.
I believe it’s a miracle.
Yes, It’s a miracle!!

Dear Airi (Spanish Airi),
PIKOTARO says thank you very much for such a cute alpaca. I’m going to cherish it. Alpaca muy linda! Piko Taro dice que sea un tesoro. Estoy diciendo gracias.

Dear Airi (Japanese Airi),
PIKOTARO will never forget you. Please rest in peace now.

Read Kosaka Daimaou full blog post and view more photos: https://www.facebook.com/jameworld/posts/10156919303142122
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