New Mini-Album from Sigma Memoria

news - 11.01.2018 22:17
source: OHP
Visual kei band Sigma Memoria will release a new mini-album on November 28th.

Titled NEOPHILIA, it will feature seven tracks, and it comes just four months after their full-length debut album INNOCENCE.

In addition, they have announced that they will hold a free one-man live titled Ø no fukuin at Ikebukuro Black Hole on December 22nd.

Formed just earlier this year, Sigma Memoria is a relatively new band consisting of ex-members of the groups iNSOMNiA and LAGLESS. They just held their first live, a free one-man titled The Beginning of Memoria, at Ikebukuro EDGE on August 25th.

A spot for NEOPHILIA can be viewed below.

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