Tackey & Tsubasa Announce Final Performance and Best-of Album

news - 12.11.2018 12:44
source: natalie.mu
While pop duo Tackey & Tsubasa officially disbanded in September, they recently announced some good news for their fans.

The two men will be performing one final show at Johnny's Countdown 2018-2019, which will be held at Tokyo Dome on December 31st. After this event, as previously announced, Takizawa Hideaki will mostly retire from performing, turning his attention to producing works for other Johnny & Associates artists and cultivating new talent. Imai Tsubasa, who has been sidelined in recent years due to his struggle with Meniere's disease, will retire from Johnny & Associates to focus all of his energy on his recovery.

In addition, the duo will release a special best-of album titled Thanks Two you on December 26th. Intended as a recap of their career, it will feature remastered versions of all of the title tracks from their singles and the lead songs from their albums, which will total 44 songs. It will also add 12 remastered solo songs from Takizawa and 12 from Imai, bringing the total up to 68 tracks. The songs will be spread across five CDs. The regular edition will be CD-only, while the limited editions will add DVDs or a Blu-ray disc featuring 26 music videos, as well as plenty of making-of and offshot footage.

A spot for the best-of album is available below.

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