New Single from Vivarush

news - 12.23.2018 15:38
source: OHP
Visual kei band Vivarush will release a new single on February 19th.

VIVAROCK will be available in three editions. All three will feature the title song and Yami kawa #Agemi Zone. However, Type A will add a bonus DVD with music videos for both tracks and offshot footage. Types B and C will both be CD-only, but they will each feature an exclusive coupling track. Type B's will be titled Virtual≒Reality, while Type C's will be Dareka no kimi ni natte shimau mae ni.

In addition, Vivarush have announced that they will embark on a one-man tour shortly after the release hits stores. It will begin at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA on March 3rd and wrap up with a show celebrating their 3rd anniversary that will be held at Shinjuku BLAZE on June 23rd.

A spot for VIVAROCK can be viewed below, followed by the full MV for GANG MARCH from their June album Viva of the Year. You can also turn on captions to watch the GANG MARCH video with English subtitles.

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