New Band: NEOscience

news - 12.25.2018 13:08
source: OHP
Ex-Avanchick vocalist NOAH has announced that he is now fronting a new band called NEOscience.

Now going by Kawabata Takashi, he is joined by guitarists Funazawa Wataru and Sakai Hideyuki, bassist Kinoshita Yoshitaka, manipulator Kaneko Ryuma and drummer Kimura Shoutaro. Most of the members previously took part in his solo band NOAH PROJECT, and many of them are highly active on YouTube.

Kinoshita (formerly known as Noburin) and Kaneko have a channel together called "BuriRyuma Brothers", which has a variety of content about visual kei, including a hair and make-up tutorial. Funazawa (formerly known as Rogiwo) performs covers of songs from popular bands on his channel.

Kaneko and Sakai were also formerly members of the visual kei band PINGAME, which just halted its activities in November.

NEOscience will play its first one-man, which will also be its very first show, at Shinjuku club SCIENCE on April 4th. You can keep an eye on the band's new official website and Twitter account for more updates.
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