First Album from ACE OF SPADES

news - 12.29.2018 01:20
source: GLAY's OHP
ACE OF SPADES, a supergroup consisting of EXILE's TAKAHIRO, GLAY guitarist HISASHI, LOSALIOS bassist TOKIE and THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS drummer MOTOKATSU MIYAGAMI, will release its first album on February 20th.

Titled 4REAL, it will contain 13 tracks. These will include WILD TRIBE, the first single they released after beginning activities in 2012, as well as TIME FLIES, which was a collaboration with PKCZ® and Hiroomi Tosaka that was used as the theme for the movie "HiGH&LOW THE RED RAIN". It will also contain songs the band has performed live such as Lookin' for and Dream in the Mirror.

The album will be available in three editions: a CD-only regular edition and versions featuring either two bonus DVDs or two Blu-ray discs. The bonus discs will contain music videos for WILD TRIBE, SIN, TIME FLIES and a new song called Vampire. They will also feature live footage ranging from their debut show in 2012 to their performance at LUNATIC FEST. 2018.

In addition, the group will embark on a tour titled ACE OF SPADES 1st. TOUR 2019 "4REAL" on February 26th. Consisting of seven dates, it will end with a show at Zepp Sapporo on March 23rd.

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