New Ballad Collection from THE SOUND BEE HD

news - 04.11.2019 18:50
source: Visunavi
Visual kei band THE SOUND BEE HD will release a new ballad collection album on May 15th.

Titled ghost note, it will feature 12 ballads selected from the band's previous releases. They will range from popular live staples such as again, nowhere and DARKNESS WORLD to lesser known tracks such as stay and Subete ni hikari o subete ni ai o. The album will also include a new song called Another sky, for a total of 13 tracks.

The release will be limited to 666 copies.

The video for the version of again featured on 2013's GHOST WORST FOREST and a live performance of stay from their 2017 mini-album WALKING DEAD can be viewed below. A digest trailer for ghost note is also available here.

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