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news - 05.09.2008 08:00
source: Avex
Those wanting to find more Jpop and Jrock on iTunes should know that Avex is the ONLY Japanese record company supplying the US iTunes store with official content from a wide variety of Avex artists. Not only can listeners find some of the lesser known acts, like JAMOSA, BACK-ON, FAT PROP, YUSAKU KIYAMA, SUILEN, SEVENTH TARZ ARMSTRONG, YMCK, NINE MILES, JACKSON VIBE and m.c.A.T, and help them rise in popularity, but Avex has also recently added some of their Jrock and visual kei bands to the store.

Bands and artists such as kannivalism, J, Kirito, Oblivion Dust, Masaki Project, Janne Da Arc, Pencillin, the pillows and Wrench can all be found using a simple search, with more content from these and other artists, like D, who recently made their major debut on Avex, coming in the future.

Not only these, but music by many of Avex's A-ranked artists can also be bought at the US iTunes store: Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, BoA, Ai Otsuka, Every Little Thing, Globe, TRF, Do As Infinity, M-FLO and more!
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