Ringö Shéna 10th Anniversary News

news - 05.15.2008 08:00
source: EMI Music Japan
In celebration of Ringö Shéna's 10th anniversary, EMI Music Japan has announced the artist's upcoming release schedule.

Watashi to houden, an album featuring all of the singer's b-sides and rare tracks, for a total of twenty-two songs on two discs, will be released on July 2nd.

On they same day, Watashi no hatsuden, a 10th anniversary PV collection, will be released. It will feature all her music videos from her debut up to her latest single, plus the brand new video, Mellow.

Ringö Shéna will also hold a special concert to commemorate her 10th anniversary. Ringö Shéna (Sei) Ringo Haku '08 -10shuunen kinensai-, will be held at the Saitama SUPER ARENA in November.

Additionally, on the date of her 10th anniversary, May 27th, a site featuring special content, will be launched to commemorate the event.
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