Suga Shikao Single and UK Performance

news - 09.26.2009 10:13
Pop/funk singer and songwriter Suga Shikao will release his second single of 2009, called Hajimari no hi feat. Mummy-D, on November 25th.

As the title may suggest, the single will feature the collaboration of rapper Mummy-D, part of groups RHYMESTER and Maboroshi and also a well-known name in the whole Japanese music scene, as he has already collaborated with several different kinds of artists, from KREVA to Sheena Ringo.

Hajimari no hi, an electric sound-based song, will be Suga's first song as a collaboration and will be used as the opening theme song for the anime "Tegami Bachi" starting on October 3rd. The single itself will be sold in three different editions: CD, CD+DVD and another edition, available for a limited period of time, including special contents designed and written by Asada Hiroyuki, the anime's original author.

Prior to the release date, Suga Shikao has also booked an extensive new tour called SUGA SHIKAO FUNK FIRE'09, to be held throughout October 7th and November 22nd. Shortly after it is finished, he also has a few other concerts planned until the end of the year as a part of another tour, this time named Suga Shikao JAPAN-UK Circuit. It will consist of three dates, most notably one in London, England, at the Institution of Contemporary Arts on December 7th. This special performance, his first overseas, will be held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between England and Japan.
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