Kariyushi 58's New Single

news - 01.31.2010 23:59
source: OHP
Popular indies rock band Kariyushi 58 have planned the release of a new single, titled Ame nochi hare, for February 3rd.

Ame nochi hare is Kariyushi 58's ninth single so far. It has been chosen as the theme song of the movie "Kazura", which was released in theaters on January 30th. The movie stars Ootake Kazuki and Mimura Masakazu, who together compose the comedy duo Summers.

In addition to the title track, the single will feature three other songs: Amore Amore, Owari hajimari and Haru ga kita. The music video of Ame nochi hare will be included in the limited edition.

A short advert for Ame nochi hare can be watched below:

Kariyushi 58 - Ame nochi hare (18-sec spot)
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