Mix Speaker's,Inc. New Mini-Album and DVD

news - 02.08.2010 23:46
source: OHP
Mix Speaker's,Inc. will release a mini-album and a DVD both on April 7th.

The band released their last album BIG BANG MUSIC! on September 2009, closing their second story. They are now preparing their third story with new costumes fitting in with the new mini-album's name ANIMAL ZOMBIES, which will contains six new tracks. For the moment, it seems that ANIMAL ZOMBIES will be released in a normal version only.

The DVD, called [BIG BANG MUSIC!]~senro wa tsuzuku yo doko made mo~ will feature footage from the band's live held at C.C. Lemon hall on December 23rd last year.

To complete the start of this new story, the band will also embark on a national tour, as well as an instore event tour, between April and May.
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