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news - 02.10.2010 06:58
X JAPAN's vocalist and solo singer TOSHI has opened a new website called ToshI Official WEB SITE -Samurai JAPAN-, in which he reveals more details regarding his final solo activities.

TOSHI held a press conference in January to clarify rumors about his personal life and to announce that he was distancing himself from the Home of Heart label and producer MASAYA, as well as his divorce with wife Kaori Moritani, also known as WANKU. In the same conference, the singer also revealed that he is ceasing activities both for TOSHI with T-EARTH and his solo work.

TOSHI has now revealed that he is changing the writing of his name to ToshI and that his final solo concert will be called ToshI LAST CONCERT [Samurai JAPAN]. Produced by YOSHIKI, the live will be held on February 24th. His X JAPAN bandmates PATA, HEATH, SUGIZO and YOSHIKI have all been listed as guest musicians for the concert.

Lastly, ToshI is starting sales of a new, self-produced original EP called Samurai JAPAN via his brand-new official website. Limited to 2,000 copies, the CD features four songs and both SUGIZO and PATA as recording musicians.
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