Rie fu Fifth Album

news - 02.10.2010 23:34
source: OHP
Singer and songwriter Rie fu has set the release of her fifth album, titled at Rie sessions, for March 31st, less than a year since the release of her latest original work, URBAN ROMANTIC.

Rie fu is responsible for most of the recording, the arrangements as well as the compositions in the new album; a big portion of the album has been recorded at her own home studio. Twenty-three other people were invited to take part in the CD, which features a total of eleven songs.

The album's title-track is Stay with me ~renai nante himatsuburi~, which consists of a collaboration between Rie fu, the multi-talented Lily Franky and rapper BOSE, from the rap group SCHADARAPARR. SHINGO, member of the same group, recorded the arrangements of the song.

Both regular and limited editions of the album will go on sale, the latter one including a new music video and a documentary with scenes from the recording sessions in an additional DVD.
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